Rolling In Cash

Motivational Money Bed Linen

Rolling In Cash
All across the self-development communities there is a buzz word everybody’s talking about – visualization. If used and practiced appropriately, visualization tools help many achieve their goals. Nonetheless, the process of  motivating yourself through visualization can often leave one wanting more. What I have recently come across on the Internet,  is a great idea, that helps you take visualization one step further. Imagine waking up every morning covered in money. Apparently someone has made that possible, by printing money on bed linen.
At first I was skeptical, does it look as realistic up close?
So I decided to meet the creator, Marjan Vukosav. I contacted him through his website and arranged a meeting.  We  met at his house in Ljubljana and when he showed me the fabric, I was fascinated. It was of high quality and the money has a realistic feel to it. Marjan is a charming man, presumably in his sixties, wearing a straw hat, smoking cigars and listening to Latino music. I wasn’t surprised when he told me his lifelong dream was to move to Cuba. When we started talking, Marjan told me that his project is still very young and that he is just setting up a campaign on IndieGoGo to help him raise enough money to kickstart his idea. I was shocked to hear, that no one made it before, despite the simplicity of the idea in itself.
When Marjan was young, he accumulated a great deal of wealth by working the stock market in the daytime and managing clubs at night. He later lost it all due to misfortune and has been looking for business ideas ever since. 30 years have passed, and he says he finally found the right one.
How did he find it? Well that’s the interesting part.
Marjan’s endless search for business ideas and opportunities over the years, has left him worn out and tired. He started lacking motivation, the ideas simply stopped coming. He needed something to get back on the horse, so he started looking into motivation. After extensive research on the internet and attending many seminars, Marjan learned, that he has to actualize, what he has visualized.
»If I want motivation, I have to make it myself. What motivates me the most? What is that key factor? What is it that I am missing? Well, money of course. But I couldn’t get my hands on it, and I was miserable about that. I needed to feel it, to have it before me. So I decided to make my custom bed linen with money printed on it – for my bed. It looked great and all my friends loved it too. Suddenly, I’m waking up in a great mood and life just feels simpler. I can’t even explain it. The feeling of money, it’s so real, it’s revitalizing.« Marjan said.
I feel that it has become almost a taboo thing,  to talk about money, people think of it as something bad. If you ask me, it’s not the real culprit. What’s wrong in this world is greed. Through positive and healthy motivation, we can all grow a little bit stronger and eliminate the greed, that pushed us in the global crisis and still threatens us all to this day.
I highly recommend you visit his website MillionireClubValentino and check out his work there.
P.S.: Marjan has a very special exclusive offer for you. To get it, GO HERE.

Cafes and Internet Marketing

What the best Cafés (coffee houses) do,

 to improve their Popularity ?

Since the 17th Century, coffee houses are founded all over European countries outside of the Ottoman Empire. People discovered and enjoyed the exotic warm brewed drink made of roasted coffee beans in a luxury environment. Cafés steady developed everywhere as the place to get news, social interactions and sometimes even cultural events.

In the 19th and beginning of 20th Centuries, Art Nouveau and Art Deco Architecture melt together with great coffee places and you can still find them in towns like Vienna, Budapest, London, Paris or Brussels.cafesAndInternet

Of Course, not only wonderful coffee houses opened, but thousands and thousands of small cafés established in every town, every suburb and every village and were open for decades or even centuries.

Nowadays, especially the smaller coffee shops struggle economically due to Internet and social media. As a matter of fact, people often prefer to stay home, also where it’s more secure, and chat or just consume information over the social platforms. It has also got worse for a couple of years, when laws against smoking in public closed places were voted. 22% of them had to close the doors because of bankruptcy, as the number of customers decreased significantly.

On the other hand, the best Cafés, mostly the bigger ones in the metropoles, take the new initiatives to be more than another Coffee place. First they are open during a large amount of time, for example from 8am to 2am non stop every day. They make special theme events very regularly. They organize for each Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights a music band or an DJ so that their customers enjoy live music and have even the possibilities to dance and have fun.

Some Cafés, like the « bar du matin » in Brussels also take the opportunity offered by social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+, to improve their visibility. They take action through the social media to announce each concert and event. They also post pictures afterwards to show how great the atmosphere was and what a great place it is to be.

They combine each and every concert and event with the social platforms to increase their exposure on Internet. Some of them even work together with an Agency specialized in Search Engine Optimization in Brussels (capital of Europe) to get a fantastic optimized website and a top ranking on Google.

The best Cafés diversify their activities and use Internet as well as all the virtual changes to their profit and drive more customers to their business!

The Right Soccer Goals

Finding Just The Right Soccer Goals

you can buy a reboud goal here

If you love soccer, you’re going to want a soccer rebounder installed where you might practice to your heart’s content. While you may practice on the field, having one inside your backyard is convenient. Maybe you have a team of budding soccer stars under your roof, or perhaps you just like to relax on the weekends playing by yourself. Some may love soccer so much that they need a portable goal for camping trips and family events. You can look at for some great rebounder goals. Whatever your dedication level, it’s a must to know a few facts before you set out to purchase one.

Buying a soccer goal ought to be exciting, fun and educational. It must be educational because you’ll find out about the different materials, manufacturers and sizes available. Smaller goals can be found for pee-wee stars while full-sized structures are made for professional training. Maybe you have a space in your home large enough to use an indoor goal. So, what do you intend on using the goal for? You’ll have to ask yourself this question before going out to buy a goal.

If you want to buy a soccer goal, you’ll have to think of accessories. Goals are made from a study post and a net. Often, it will have to be anchored down with rope. These items can break, crack or just need replacement after numerous uses. Once you know how you plan to use the goal, you’ll know which one to purchase as well as any necessary accessories.

Recreational goal

On top the soccer goal made for games, there are many different practice goals as well. Some are target goals made for players to practice on by themselves without a goalie. Others have no net at all, which are called recreational goals. You will see these on playing fields often as they are reasonably priced to maintain. Next, you’ll have to consider if you need a permanent goal installed within your yard. You could love soccer, but if you plan on selling your home within the future, you will have to pay to have to uninstall and moved.

So, where is a good place to find a soccer goal? You will probably want to look at the specialized retailer that cater to soccer players first. They’ll have the best variety, knowledgeable sales persons and money back guarantees. Ask plenty of questions, get feedback and take some time before you purchase a goal. Another place you could look is in classifieds and at yard sales. Believe it or not, other people own goals too. Their kids may have gone off to college, or they could be moving. Whatever the reason, you could certainly benefit from buying a slightly used goal.

This is a garage sale picture


BTW: this is a picture of a garage sale, where the goal has already been sold 🙂

Why Pay For SEO

Reasons you should pay for SEO

There are a zillion reasons you should invest in Search Engine Optimization. I’ve actually talked about the SEO and PPC comparison once. You can check it out at the link at the bottom.
Before you go deep down into this Search Engine Marketing arena, there are pros and cons for both strategies. SEO will eventually cause you time but become a long term investment. PPC is pretty much a short term solution.  How good SEO works is you pay money for the tools to speed thing up.
Below is a quick information about both SEO and PPC.
why you should pay for SEO

There are definitely things you should realize before you make a decision to invest in PPC.

Followings are some of the reasons:

1. Your website footprints are always growing

Similar to your house investment. Paying for mortgage is the long term investment for your life. Likewise, SEO is the long term investment for your lite. Pay per click (PPC) is the quick, easy, short term solution in getting more leads yet could possibly be very expensive. Again undoubtedly just similar to renting a house which you know that it is an expensive short term investment in exchange of living comfortably without a big mortgage.

2. Long tail

Longtail keywords help to increase your website footprint thus increase many more visitors which make you more authoritative within your niche.  For instance, you can definitely rank for this keyword “polka dot long sleeve blouse for women plus size” but apparently you have to separate those into words for PPC.  Get a hang of this?  It is highly recommended to rank several search terms to spread your bets if google have decided to play some tricks then you have a nice cushions to land on so you can carry on. How can you improve long tail? The easiest way is to write articles 1000+ words and keep an eye on the best perform long tail.

3. Gain more trust

Basically people will trust you more if you rank organically than a paid listing…just short and sweet as simple as that. As time goes on, people seem to trust PPC ads lesser and lesser.  Ranking position on SERP helps to presell your products or services as well. Because seeing is believing. People expectations leads to future action.  People trust the result when Google is saying this is the best result they can find for consumers.

4. More people click on organic listing

Yes, SEO get you an organic listing … paid listing don’t. Businesses that pay for advertisement are paying more for poor result than the organic SEO counterparts. Simple words. Organic results are growing and paid results are declining.

5. Google ad quality score

The more you pay for ad spend the higher Google ranks you. Not every business is able to afford high ad spending and people know that they are paid ads so they avoid clicking on the ads or have a higher chance to click the back button which results in higher bounce rate and poor quality score. You don’t want to go that route, do you?
In short, if you want to use PPC, it is highly recommend that you do some testing. If it does not convert well then make some adjustments to your landing or squeeze page.  Be sure to do some research before spending a chunky amount of money on PPC.
Talk to your Online Marketing  or SEO Consultant about your needs or questions before you make any decision. Contact Omaha SEO expert  if you need help with SEO or want to discuss further.

The Story of the Mobile Scooters

The Story of being Successful by Helping your Mother

The Merela Company from Slovenia

wheelchair company

Just like Mrs. Linda Richman, the host of the Coffee Talk, had her own stories about everything possible, also Janez Merela on the other side of the world has his own story how he convinced his mother to start using a mobile scooter and how he is helping disabled and elder people in Slovenia to be mobile again.

Merela d.o.o. is a company that was born out of the desire to help people, especially people with reduced mobility and the elderly. It all started with a funny anecdote. Janez Merela, the owner of Merela, wanted to buy a mobility scooter to help his mother, who was having trouble walking long distances, to become more mobile again. The offer in Slovenia being unsatisfactory and extremely expensive, he decided to purchase one in the UK where mobility aids were much more affordable. However, once he presented the scooter to his mother, she refused to even sit on it.

She couldn’t even drive a car; she’s not going to know what to do with this machine, she said. After some persuasion, she gave the scooter a try and it soon became an indispensable part of her life. She could drive around the city, go to the market and to the doctor all by herself and now, since she’s moved back to the countryside, she’s been able to get around easily there as well. Having owned several mobility scooters, she is today, at 87 years old, as mobile as she can be.

scooter for disabled and elderly

 Seeing how much the scooter improved his mother’s life, Janez Merela wanted to help others improve theirs as well. People started to come to him asking for help until he decided to bring help to the people. Our company, Merela, was born. Today, we are proud owners of three shops: in Ljubljana, Celje , and Brežice. Our goal is to expand further, to widen our product range and to continue to bring affordable, quality help to those in need.

Should you ever be in need of help, contact us via email: or phone: (01) 438 42 10. You can also visit our website at or on Facebook: Merela d.o.o.

by: Vita Merela

Mufasa Muscle SEO

Why Video is a Must

Mufasa Muscle SEO

Why You Need Video Marketing

These days, you can’t really run a successful online marketing strategy without video presence. Pretty soon no one will really be able to survive without doing any videos for their business. A high executive at Google said that by 2020 85% of all Internet traffic will be video based. Here’s an article that talks about how Internet navigation will be like in a few years. This is happening in front of our eyes today. We are slowly watching the Internet turn into a picture and video dominant era. Every hour on YouTube there is enough uploaded videos to take your entire lifetime to watch. There is over a billion unique monthly users on YouTube… That’s a pretty staggering number. YouTube is a search engine just like Google. And like Google, YouTube gets a staggering amount of searches every month. In fact, it gets the second most searches compared to any search engine right after Google. There’s just some things that need a visual component to them in order for you to solve. If you were looking for a demonstration on how to tie a tie, first thing any of us would do is go on YouTube. So what does that mean for you and I? How can we take advantage of this massive shift in what people are viewing? Simple, follow the trend

Why Video is a Must

How to generate traffic through video

Just like how there’s billions of websites on the Internet and most websites need SEO, there are billions of YouTube videos on the Internet and YouTube videos also need proper SEO. This day and age it’s not as simple as posting a video and expecting to get thousands of views from it. Having a successful video requires a strategy that repeatedly created success. Most companies don’t get the results they want from video marketing. There are many video marketing companies out there, but very few have stood to outshine the competition. Mufasa Muscle SEO is an exceptional agency. Here are some tips that they provide about video marketing:

1. Make sure the title is presented in a way to be SEO optimized and engaging for the audience in the same time. Your title is one of the most important aspects when making a video. It lets Google know what your video is about and what people should expect when clicking on the video. People are faced with dozens of videos at a time so having a baited video title is a must.
2. Make sure the description tag has everything you need in order to convey what people want to read after watching the video. This can contain links to other websites or to other youtube videos you want your audience to watch.